Friday, 12 November 2010

Drink labels

"Product labels are an essential part of the whole marketing exercise: they communicate important information about the stored item and also help in branding efforts for a company. However, these labels are lost on the blind for obvious reasons. This is why Baud decided to incorporate Braille in designing the package and label for Lazarus Wine.
The bottle itself makes for a brilliant design and the label is made intelligible for the sightless with Braille inscriptions. The whole manufacturing process is highlighted by the engravings. The beauty of the bottle is not lost on the general public either with the usage of bright colors.
Font used: BRAILLE"

From WarDesign site: Imagine being briefed to create striking packaging for a product named after the height of the bottle it's packaged in. With only smallp rint runs required, there was a really opportunity to have some fun. The solution was to design labels that were also 12" long, printed onto packaging tape using different colours to identify different variants. The labels wrap around the bottle creating a powerful and memorable branding device.
It sounds pretty obvious but it's something that I've just thought about when looking at this, to slightly change the colour on the label whether it be the type or logo etc to differentiate what each bottle is.

The Oggau Estate is a new wine growing estate that produces 9 wines with different characters. Each wine has its own individual character with its own story and complex, changing relationships. A wine family comprising of grandparents, parents and children with intrigue, secret affairs, arguments, colourful characters and the odd black sheep. A typical family clan.

With all of these designs I am focusing on how they work together to create a range and how there is a continuity throughout all products, something that I must keep in mind when linking the drinks labels to the food packages, they must connect in some way to portray a range to the consumers. 

Drink labels

The Triennale Design Museum, presented "Message on the bottle", a project of OnDesign, the design and communication agency headed by the Italian-German designer duo Francalma Nieddu and Olav Jünke. They invited their designer friends around the world to put a personal message on the bottle as a label or in any form they liked. The resulting works had been presented to the public at the Triennale DesignCafè in Milan on bottles of biodynamically grown Barbera and gave wines from Piedmont's La Raia wine cellar, after winning a European Design Award in Stockholm with their "wine for you" design, an emblem of the exibiion. The design is a modern reinterpretation of the message in a bottle theme, featuring not a letter, but a fine wine.

In "Chi guida non beve, chi beve non guida" project, a ribbon is softly winded around the bottle and quote the slogan "Drivers don't drink, drinkers don't drive".

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Gold foil block

"This foil blocked wine label was designed as a nod to the luxury and festive atmosphere of Saint Tropez."

Friday, 5 November 2010

Moonstruck Chocolate Co.

Our goal was to create a chocolate bar packaging line that imbues the same qualities that drive Moonstruck brand enthusiasm through its truffles: handcrafted quality, visual beauty, multi-sensory experience and imagination. The illustrations and typography are a hand-cut paper style. The finishes include: Matte Soft-Touch (color areas). Glossy Soya-kote varnish with emboss (white areas). Thick UV varnish (chocolate logo). Matte silver foil.”

Alton Brown

“Alton Brown is a spice range for blind and visually impaired people. The range also includes olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Together with these liquids a special spoon is provided which makes it easier to pour and measure them, it’s the measure of a tablespoon. The text is placed on the exact same place on all the products and all the braille is embossed. The tubes are made out of PLA to make them sustainable and the refill bags are made out of recycled paper. The logo is communicating the exact same thing for blind as for the non blind since A is one dot and B is two.”

Embossed logos

Each notebook features a different slogan, among these, “Opportunities aren’t given, they’re made,” “Take your work seriously and yourself, less so,” and “Don’t just sit there, create something,” all in bold capital type embossed on the cover. The agency’s logo is embossed on the back cover and is featured in repetition on the paper band enveloping each set.”

I like that there is nothing more needed other than the embossed title or slogan it works by itself. This is why I am hoping to keep my logo simplistic because it works well simply by the effect.


Caligo- drink labels

"Using the entire face of the bottle, we had room to screenprint in Catalan, Spanish, and English. While the winemaking process is the same for DG Viticultors’ three wines—Petit Caligo, Caligo, and Caligo Essència—the difference is in their amounts of residual sugar and alcohol. Three shades of gold, on the labels and matching capsules, differentiate the wines. Our work also includes individual cases and four-bottle cases for Caligo."

Wednesday, 3 November 2010


Blacks, white, metalics, foils

Describing food

Words such as 'classic,' 'hand-cooked,' 'full on flavour' and 'luxury' allow all products to appear individual, special and luxurious. The use of a simple adjective will make the difference of how appealing a product is.

M&S adverts

Descriptive language used:
hand prepared
wrapped in
slow braised
golden roasted
packed with
steeped in

Promoting through magazines


As part of my crit, one suggestion was to promote the range through magazine such as the Waitrose magazine, other department store brochures etc. So I have had a look at the online magazine to see what kind of things it could contain and to see if I could create a page to promote my range.


Christmas hamper magazine, showcasing Christmas ranges, I could quite easily try and produce something similar, photograph my own range and promote it through a magazine.