Friday, 12 November 2010

Drink labels

"Product labels are an essential part of the whole marketing exercise: they communicate important information about the stored item and also help in branding efforts for a company. However, these labels are lost on the blind for obvious reasons. This is why Baud decided to incorporate Braille in designing the package and label for Lazarus Wine.
The bottle itself makes for a brilliant design and the label is made intelligible for the sightless with Braille inscriptions. The whole manufacturing process is highlighted by the engravings. The beauty of the bottle is not lost on the general public either with the usage of bright colors.
Font used: BRAILLE"

From WarDesign site: Imagine being briefed to create striking packaging for a product named after the height of the bottle it's packaged in. With only smallp rint runs required, there was a really opportunity to have some fun. The solution was to design labels that were also 12" long, printed onto packaging tape using different colours to identify different variants. The labels wrap around the bottle creating a powerful and memorable branding device.
It sounds pretty obvious but it's something that I've just thought about when looking at this, to slightly change the colour on the label whether it be the type or logo etc to differentiate what each bottle is.

The Oggau Estate is a new wine growing estate that produces 9 wines with different characters. Each wine has its own individual character with its own story and complex, changing relationships. A wine family comprising of grandparents, parents and children with intrigue, secret affairs, arguments, colourful characters and the odd black sheep. A typical family clan.

With all of these designs I am focusing on how they work together to create a range and how there is a continuity throughout all products, something that I must keep in mind when linking the drinks labels to the food packages, they must connect in some way to portray a range to the consumers. 

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