Thursday, 28 October 2010


I'm changing the location of where my range would be distributed to delicatessen so that is more specialised and also seems more superior than just a supermarket.

Delicatessen- delicacies and fine foods

Delicatessens in many parts of the world often sell their foods by weight such as cured meats, head cheese, sausages, ham, liverwurst, salami and other cold cuts, fried chicken, spare ribs, cold salads, pickled vegetables, dips, breads and olives. These foods are sold in elegant stores in a specific deli department, or in a separate Delicatessen or Deli shop.

Large Delicatessen stores or Deli shops sell cold cuts and meats, but the luxury food division includes confectionery, fine spirits, wines, exclusive cheeses, truffled pâté, caviar, foie gras, high quality coffee beans, fruit, spices, herbs, specialty breads, exclusive sweets, cookies, honey, tea and luxury handmade chocolate.
Luxury food shops in Europe include Fauchon in Paris, Dallmayr in Munich, Germany and Harrods[2] and Fortnum & Mason in London.

In the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Hungary, Ukraine, Switzerland, Denmark, Belgium, the Netherlands and Romania, "Delikatessen" (as it is spelled in current German) has a rather different meaning; it designates top-quality (and top-price) foodstuffs.

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