Friday, 15 October 2010

Tommy Li Design- Prosays' skincare range

The brand name means 'the professional says' and is calculated to appeal to professional women who expect skincare to perform.

Rather than hiding behind patronising packs that are pretty, colourful and decorative, and parody traditional femininity. Prosays' acknowledges women's changing roles by creating packaging that is handsome, classic, monochrome and looks professional. The deisgn provides discreet textural decoration that is more confident and adult than bright colours or ostentatious materials. Promotional text and information are organised in a workman-like grid layout.

Graphic decoration is restricted to matt-textured card outer cartons that provide protection against impact and shelf presence and demonstrate a responsible attitude to the environment by being recycable.

Gritty, texturak 'art photography' of insects and plants and labortaory equipment,express objectivity rather than emotion and describes ingredients or metaphorically explains product performance. Images are contemporary and aspiratinal.

I love the monotone photographs using only black and white which blends in tothe crisp white background. These designs have a distinct look of sophistication and class. I do think they have some element of looking very serious and almost dark but I think that is just because of the imagery used, I'm not sure but I love the way they work together they make a great impact.

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