Thursday, 21 October 2010

Party food

Savoury ideas

Sandwiches - a party basic that can be made much more appealing by being cut into tiny triangles or shapes with food cutters.

Pizza fingers - cut a pizza into manageable sections that children can eat easily with their fingers. It's usually best to stick to the basic cheese and tomato or ham varieties.

Tiny quiches and little scotch eggs - bite sized are best.
Mini sausages or sausage rolls - again, the smaller the better.
Mini vegetables and dips - cut carrots, cucumber, red and yellow peppers into sticks, add a few cherry tomatoes and offer with some houmous or cream cheese for dips.

Breadsticks, cheese straws and mini cheese biscuits - easy to eat and filling.

Cheese and pineapple on cocktail sticks (older children only) - always popular!
Crisps and potato rings.

Sweet ideas

Biscuits - chocolate fingers, pink wafers, jam sandwiches and iced rings usually hit the spot with most children.

Cakes - popular choices include chocolate mini rolls, tiny fairy cakes and chocolate covered marshmallows. Use the tiny petit-four paper cases that supermarkets sell rather than the larger bun or muffin cases for buns.

A bowl of grapes or chopped fruit.


Juice - apple, orange and cranberry.

Squashes - orange, lemon, strawberry or blackcurrant.

Individual juice cartons - more expensive, but easier and less chance of spillages!

Water - the best thirst quencher of all.

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