Thursday, 21 October 2010

Supermarket ranges

Morrisons Value range includes over 350 everyday essentials, offering great choice as well as great savings. So if you want to make your weekly shop without spending a fortune, just head for your local Morrisons and look for our bright yellow Value labels.

The Morrisons value range is well- known and immediate when you enter Morrisons. I believe this is down to its basic design and colour palette. The bright yellow of the logo is consistent throughout Morrison's branding and because the Value range uses this colour for its packaging it is easily noticeable and stands out. You know because of it's name and its packaging that the range is what it says it is, 'value' therefore you are paying for what you get.

With my project I want to package food that is maybe more costly than value range but not too expensive. I need to look into more expensive ranges in supermarkets.

Asda Smartprice

Sainsbury's basics

"We don't compromise our values to bring you great products at low prices. Our basics range includes RSPCA Freedom Food approved salmon, and British and Irish Red Tractor certified beef."

I believe that Sainsbury's basic range works best to portray their cheaper range as a normal, attractive range. Their branding for this uses a more tasteful typeface and even includes some small illustrations on some of their packages. The colour is more likeable but this may just be personal taste. 

On the website they make more of an effort to sell their range and allow you to make use of it with a range of recipes etc. 

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