Monday, 4 October 2010

Pop on Pop off

Marc Newson Pop up book.
As the company had never been apporached to produce a pop up book before they found it a challenge.
As they were trying something new they wanted to incorporate something they had always wanted to try, the blotter sheet.
A blotter sheet is a perforated sheet of stamps that has to be 'dipped' in LSD. The stamps can then be placed on the tongue. We're not really acidheads ourselves (not at all, actually), but we were aware of this subculture of people collecting, selling and buying 'undipped' sheets, on sites like E-Bay. (We revisited this theme four years later, for a contribution we designed for The Session).
We enclosed the blotter sheet in the box to place Newson's work in a slightly psychedelic context; we thought it would be an interesting twist. In a way, the blotter sheet, and the title of the box (Pop On Pop Off), both refer to Timothy Leary's slogan 'Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out'."
As the company had never created a pop up before they faced difficulties with folding, glueing, paper engineering etc.

They admit that the process was not a smooth and spotless one but are happy they tried it out for the experience.

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